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Frequently  Asked  Questions

  • The game won't run.
    Does the game not run or stop on the loading screen? To resolve this issue, you must first check the Oculus firmware version. The Oculus firmware version can be found in the Oculus Home > Settings > System > Software. If an update is available, please proceed with the update and relaunch the game. Also, deleting and reinstalling the game can help. If the game is still not running, please email with your Oculus username. We will solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • The App-Sharing won't work.
    App Sharing is a convenient feature provided by MetaQuest. This feature makes additional accounts available for games owned by the main account of the device. However, DLC cannot be shared across accounts due to MetaQuest's policy. Therefore, even if the main account owns Real VR Fishing and DLC, the additional account can only play Real VR Fishing. If the second account's owner buys the RVRF copy, both can play the game with DLC. You can buy a copy through the meta service center. We will do our best for the users not to feel uncomfortable with the restrictions.
  • A bug was found. What should I do?
    First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the bug. If you found a bug, we would appreciate it if you submit a request to us. We will check it quickly and try to solve it.
  • What is online/offline mode?
    Online mode refers to playing a game while connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi). If you are connected to the Internet, you will automatically proceed to online mode. Data can be stored through the cloud. Offline mode refers to playing the game without an Internet connection. In that state, the data is not automatically stored in the cloud and can only be single-player. Devs United Games recommends an online mode for Auto-Save. Also, in case you play a game with one account and two devices, the data process will prioritize the offline one when you have both online and offline data. So, please always make sure you're playing online mode when you use multiple devices.
  • What is DLC?
    DLC is an abbreviation for Downloadable Content, which is an 'Add-on' that can expand gameplay. Real VR Fishing is currently providing the following DLCs: US WEST COAST Japan Part 1 Japan Part 2 US EAST COAST
  • Support cross-play?
    Currently, Real VR Fishing does not offer Cross-play.
  • Will it be released on other platforms?
    Devs United Games is considering expanding onto other platforms, but it's hard to tell you exactly when it's going to be developed.
  • Want to do the tutorial again.
    To view the tutorial again, go to the main screen (main menu) of the Lodge. Then click the 'Question mark' icon and select the tutorial you want.
  • What changes depending on the level of difficulty?
    There are three difficulties in Real VR Fishing: Normal, Hard, and Expert. Normal Difficulty: Wear goggles that can search for fish and see where they are in real time. It also gives you a guide on how to fish fight. It's easier to catch fish. Hard Difficulty: Use a fish detector that can search for fish. You can't see the location of the fish in real time, and a fish fight guide is not available. Rewards are doubled compared to normal difficulty. Expert Difficulty: No one tells you where the fish are or what to do in a fish fight! Rewards are tripled compared to normal difficulty.
  • The level is different / changed in some locations.
    Users have separate levels for the locations. Therefore, even if it's Level 20 on the Korean map and if you're starting the US map for the first time, you have to start at Level 1. You can level up your US map's level by fishing in the US and releasing fish you caught.
  • How do I put fish in the aquarium?
    To put fish in the aquarium, go to the Lodge's main screen. Then tap the Fish tab to check the fish you have caught. Then, please click the fishtank button on the top-right side of the screen. You can set up fish for the aquarium with the + and - buttons.
  • Want to use web browser while fishing
    At the fishing spot, open the menu with the B or Y button and click the appropriate icon. You can use the Internet through an active web browser.
  • What is the leaderboard?
    The leaderboard is a system that competes with other users through fish caught while fishing. Seawater and freshwater are divided, and the score is different depending on the size of the fish and the difficulty of the game. The scores will be counted until the end of the month, and 1st to 10th place will receive medals, and 1st to 100th place will receive gloves for their avatar. You should try it, too!
  • Met a bad user on multiplayer
    First of all, we apologize for any bad experience with our game in multiplayer. Please report users who behave incorrectly through the Meta Report (
  • Basic information about Savefile
    Savefile in Real VR Fishing has the following characteristics: 1. When you play games in online mode, your data is regularly uploaded to Real VR Fishing's server. 2. Therefore, if you delete the game without an Internet connection after playing in offline mode, or if your files are corrupted, your data will be lost. 3. If the data is lost, please send an email with your Oculus Username via support mail.
  • Want to reset the savefile and start it again.
    The data reset function exists in Settings. This function allows you to reset your data and play the game again from the beginning. But be careful! Once deleted, data cannot be recovered!
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