Announcement for end of Season 14!

*minor update


*Increase in the stability of the game
*Fixed the autosave issue


If you are experiencing System UX error,
please try logging out on all Facebook accounts and Oculus Mobile App.


Spring Edition Update is OUT!


*New Avatar Apparels
5th free major update is here! Initially adding 25 new avatar apparels (including shirts, hats, sunglasses). Get ready to show off your sense of fashion while fishing with friends from all around the globe. Or if you prefer, you can relax on boats, banks of rivers, and beaches enjoying the amazing graphics, ambient sounds, and browsing the internet, or watching videos online! No matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, we got you covered!


*New Leaderboard
Newly updated leaderboard where you can compete with others! Each species of fish has its own leaderboard now.


*New Home Menu
Updated home menu where you can find the news, register your coupons and receive mail.


**Upcoming Weekly Event**
Starting MAY you can earn amazing outfits just by playing the game at least once every week! Gain special outfits by relaxing on the water or meeting new people in-game! Plus, you can receive an extra special prize for attending every week of the month!
*This feature will be coming in the month of MAY.


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