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Announcement for the Beta Testers

[Beta Test Pre-Gold Build Release]

The Beta game progress will start over. The progress from the previous beta tests does not continue in the current update. The aquarium decorations from the previous beta version are removed in the current version. They can be bought from the store.


“Please be advised that the game progress in the Beta version is separate from the progress in the Live version. The progress in the Beta will not be transferred to the progress in the Live version and vice versa.”



[Patch Notes (Open Beta Version 1.415)]


– A new achievement “BOAT COLLECTOR” with a submarine as a reward. Users have to buy all the boats from the store to unlock the achievement.

– “Boost Event” newly introduced. During the boost event, users get an additional boost bonus on EXP and credits. (It does not affect the leaderboard score) Boost Event will be implemented in certain period of time in the Live version.

– Shark appearance rate has been increased slightly. All saltwater stages will have the same rate.

– Epic fish appearance rate has been lowered.

– Fish length, weight, EXP & credits have been balanced out. Unit “kg” is added.

– Prices for avatar items have been adjusted.

– Max credit has been increased to 300,000 from 100,000.

– Minor bugs have been addressed.




Following features are not available during the beta test

– LEADERBOARD menu from the TV screen

– Cloud Save or Load


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